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Connecting the Ecosystem.

Workflow automation and streamlined integration. Without code.

PIM, DAM, Ecommerce, and more.

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Why OneTeg?

Content and data can't move themselves. Streamline and simplify integrations and workflow automation across the ecosystem without code. Yes, it's possible with OneTeg.

Easy to Use

Solution-specific connectors make workflow automation and integration fast and easy. Systems and data must work seamlessly today. Combining data from customers, content, and context across the entire ecosystem simplifies it all.


Repurpose content and data automatically. Secure, reliable, and centralized access to metadata drives better performance across every system.


Save time and resources by automating workflows and integrations. No code integration speeds time-to-value and optimizes processes. 

Integrate Content & Data, Automate Processes


System integration

Fast workflow automation solution that streamlines integration.

Content across platforms

Move data and content easily across platforms -whatever solution you use .


Create workflows from cloud applications or On-Prem. OneTeg works how you work.

Cloud integration

Eliminate integration complexities between solutions and services.

How To Orchestrate Your Content & Data

One solution to facilitate your ecosystem:

  • Solve integration challenges across PIM, DAM, and Ecommerce solutions
  • Speed time to value with no-code iPaaS
  • Eliminate point-to-point custom integrations
  • Scale faster to future-proof solutions

Streamlined Integration and Workflow Automation. Everywhere.


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