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Build better digital customer experiences, fast.

Simplify content sharing and repurpose data across platforms, without code.

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Learn more about our new iPaaS solution OneTeg, at DAM Los Angeles. 

March 23-24, 2023

Boot 11 

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Why OneTeg?

A unified customer experience matters

Easy to use

Systems and data must work seamlessly today. Better customer experiences start by combining data from customer, content and context across the entire ecosystem. Relevant content and data deliver a unified customer experience.


Repurpose content the right way. Leverage metadata to make content visible and accessible from anywhere. Secure, reliable, and centralized access drives better performance.

Streamlined integration

Save time with centralized integrations. No code needed means faster, more cost-effective integrations to speed time-to-value.

Integrate Content & Data, Automate Processes


System integration

Provides a unique and centralized solution for faster integrations.

Content across platforms

No code needed to integrate any size data or content across platforms.


Create easy workflows from cloud applications or On-Prem.

Cloud integration

Simplify complex steps with integration flows between services with OneTeg.

Orchestrate Your Content & Data

With OneTeg - connecting systems is simplified.

  • Transfers metadata with easy integration

  • Requires no-code

  • Eliminates point-to-point custom integrations

  • Allows repurposing content from Cloud or On-Prem to anywhere, fast.

Light Up Your DAM with OneTeg!


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