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API: Application programming interface. This is an interface that allows one application to access the data or functionality of another application.

B2B integration: Business to business integration. This is an ntegration of business systems and applications used by different organizations.

Cloud integration: Integration of cloud-based applications and services with on-premises systems.

Composite service: The ability to compositve services exposed as APIs or events from services or data services, and existing events.

Connector: Software component that connects an application to another application or system.

Data consistency: The ability to monitor or be notified by services, applications, or data sources to enact changes.

Data integration: The process of combining data from multiple sources into a single, unified view.

Data mapping: The process of defining how data from one system is transformed and mapped to data in another system.

Flow: A path or process used to connect content and data between applications to drive integration and data orchestration.

Integration: Process of connecting different software applications to exchange data between them.

iPaaS: Integration platform as a service. An iPaaS is cloud-based service that enables integration of multiple applications and data sources in a single platform.

MACH principles: Acronym that stands for Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, and Headless, which describe a modern architecture for building and deploying applications.

Middleware: Software layer that facilitates communication between different systems and applications.

Multistep process: The ability to implement multistep processes between applications, data sources, and services.

Prepacked integration processes (PIPs): Real-time integration: Integration that allows data to be transferred and processed in real-time, without any latency.

Secure agents: Workflow automation: Automation of manual tasks or processes through the use of software.

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