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eCommerce Syndication

Powering eCommerce Excellence Excellence

Digital commerce relies on your ability to scale and optimize product content and data across channels. Syndicating that content quickly and easily demands flexible and tightly integrated solutions.

OneTeg seamlessly integrates PIM, DAM, and Syndication solutions for eCommerce excellence. Deliver a unified customer experience across any channel, data pool, or marketplace even with evolving formats and templates within a single solution.

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The Solution for eCommerce Growth

Digital Asset Management

Digital assets are the backbone of your products and essential to everything you do in eCommerce. Digital asset management solutions simplify the process of organizing and sharing digital assets. From high-quality images to 3D models, and metadata, a DAM solution helps you store, manage, and collaborate across your organization to ensure digital assets are available, optimized, and current.

The right DAM solution streamlines creative workflows and permissions throughout the lifecycle of a product. They play a big role in personalized customer experiences for eCommerce success.

Product Information Management

Product information breathes life into your products, encompassing SKUs, descriptions, translations, videos, and more. Managing evolving product information for diverse channels, languages, markets, and buyers is challenging. PIM functionality guarantees accuracy, enrichment, and distribution readiness across any channel from eCommerce platforms to social commerce and more.

Scale Your Reach with eCommerce Syndication

The final piece of the puzzle is syndicating the DAM and PIM content to eCommerce platforms and channels. Omnichannel commerce includes so many different marketplaces and social commerce sites, syndicating content needs to be done automatically. Manual processes just won’t scale. This requires that your DAM, PIM, and eCommerce solutions are tightly integrated.

OneTeg uniquely integrates DAM, PIM, and eCommerce platforms without the need for costly or time-consuming point-to-point integrations. This quickly integrates the PIM, DAM, and eCommerce solutions to ensure your product content and assets are accurate, relevant, and syndicated across any channel.

Key Benefits of OneTeg

Real-Time Synchronization

Leverage the power of real-time synchronization between DAM, PIM, and syndication solutions. Whether you are using Aprimo, Bynder, WoodWing, inriver, Akeneo, Salsify, or others, you need to integrate and synchronize these key solutions. OneTeg ensures that any updates or changes made in one system are instantly mirrored in the other.

Automated Workflows

OneTeg automates critical workflows and streamlines the process with ready-built templates for each solution to quickly and easily speed time to value. Each DAM, PIM, and syndication solution offers unique processes and workflows to support your business’s needs. OneTeg’s templates ensure a fast, simplified, and error-free automation across any solution.

Multimedia Enrichment

Selling via eCommerce requires bringing products to life with different multimedia assets. Each platform or channel has different and evolving requirements for content and assets. OneTeg helps integrate your DAM, PIM, and eCommerce solutions to ensure each channel’s requirements are met and optimized automatically.

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