Unlock Seamless Integration with OpenText and OneTeg

Seamless connectivity is key to success in today's business landscape. OneTeg offers a strong integration and automation solution by connecting with OpenText products, improving your business processes.

OneTeg: Your No-Code iPaaS Solution

OneTeg is your Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, simplifying integration and automation without the need for extensive coding. Our user-friendly interface lets you effortlessly connect and automate processes across platforms, boosting productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

OpenText: Expertise in Information Management

OpenText is a leading Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software provider, empowering businesses across industries to efficiently manage, secure, and harness critical information assets. Their innovative technologies enable collaboration, compliance, and data-driven insights. OpenText offers a diverse range of products, including:

Content Services: OpenText Extended ECM and OpenText Documentum
Business Network: OpenText Trading Grid and OpenText Core
Security: OpenText Magellan, and OpenText Identity and Access Management
Messaging and Communication: OpenText Exstream and OpenText Notifications
Digital Asset Management: OpenText Media Management

With these and many more innovative technologies, OpenText enables collaboration, compliance, and data-driven insights.

OneTeg + OpenText: Unleash the Full Potential

OneTeg seamlessly integrates with many of the OpenText products, taking integration to the next level, unlocking the full potential of your information management solutions. These integrations enable us to provide a comprehensive solution that leverages the power of all OpenText products, combined with OneTeg's no-code/low-code approach to integration and automation.

OpenText Media Management (OTMM): Power Your Digital Assets

OpenText Media Management is a powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. It empowers organizations to efficiently manage and maximize the value of digital assets. These assets include images, videos, and documents. OneTeg integrates with OTMM to simplify DAM efforts, making it easy to manage and share digital assets across different platforms.

Supercharge Your Integration Efforts with OneTeg and OpenText Products

  • Efficiency: Streamline processes by automating data flow and eliminating manual tasks.
  • Flexibility: Accessible to users of all technical backgrounds with OneTeg's no-code/low-code approach.
  • Scalability: Grow your business while OneTeg adapts to your evolving needs.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Optimize existing OpenText investments to save time and resources.
  • Reliability: Benefit from a robust, dependable integration solution.

Get Started Today

You can find many OpenText products that can easily work with OneTeg. These include categories like Document Management, Business Transaction Management, Messaging and Communication, Analytics, Case Management, Internet of Things, Office Productivity, Security / Identity Access Management, Digital Asset Management and more. With diverse OpenText connectors available, the possibilities are endless.

See all OpenText products here

OpenText Media Management OpenText Trading Grid Cartographer OpenText TeamSite Authoring ServicesOpenText Lens Data VisibilityOpenText Legal HoldOpenText Internet of Things (IoT) PlatformOpenText Extended ECM - Content ServerOpenText Extended ECM - Business WorkspacesOpenText eDOCSOpenText Directory ServicesOpenText Core CaseOpenText Decision ServiceOpenText Core Content MetadataOpenText SMS & Email Notifications for Cloud MessagingOpenText Magellan Risk GuardOpenText Push Notifications for Cloud MessagingOpenText TeamSite LiveSite Content ServicesOpenText Workflow ServiceOpenText Webroot UnityOpenText Core Transformation Publication ServiceOpenText Core SignatureOpenText Extended ECM - Records ManagementOpenText NotificationsOpenText Magellan Text Mining EngineOpenText Magellan BI & ReportingOpenText InfoArchiveOpenText Developer Admin - IM Developer AdministrationOpenText Identity and Access ManagementOpenText File 360OpenText Extended ECM PlatformOpenText ExstreamOpenText DocumentumOpenText Core Experience InsightsOpenText Content Storage ServiceOpenText Content Metadata ServiceOpenText Active Community - Trading GridOpenText Cloud FaxOpenText Core Capture ServicesOpenText Active Documents Trading GridOpenText Content Metadata Service Dictionary

Unleash the Power of Integration

OneTeg is ready to transform your business processes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, OneTeg is here to help you thrive in the digital age.

Contact us to learn more about how OneTeg can streamline your business or schedule a demo to see it in action. Embrace the future of integration with OneTeg!

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