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OpenText TeamSite Authoring Services Integration and Automation

OpenText’s TeamSite simplifies content handling, enabling organizations to craft personalized and visually engaging digital customer experiences suitable for any device, digital channel, or context. It streamlines content management across a wide spectrum of channels, including websites, mobile platforms, email, social media, e-commerce, composite applications, collaboration sites, and portals, making the delivery of exceptional digital experiences a breeze.

TeamSite Authoring Services offers a comprehensive set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for building dynamic and interactive pages that incorporate authored content. The primary programming interface for Authoring is network-based and adheres to the Representational State Transfer (REST) model for client-server interaction via HTTPS protocols. This REST API is language and technology agnostic, accommodating a diverse array of programming languages and display technologies such as Java, C#, PHP, AJAX, Flash, Silverlight, Ruby, JSP, ASP, and any other technology that supports HTTPS. Integrate the OpenText TeamSite Authoring Services solution with any of the apps from the library with just a few clicks. Create automated workflows by integrating your apps. 

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