OneTeg Frequently Asked Questions

OneTeg is a no-code iPaaS content and data exchange platform for integrations between systems like DAM, PIM, and others.

It provides a user-friendly and intuitive UI for the business user; no code is required. OneTeg can run on the Cloud or On-Prem for maximum flexibility and usability that helps deliver a faster time to value and a unified customer experience.

Consider integrating your DAM solution with other solutions if the current DAM operates in a silo or is not part of the larger enterprise digital ecosystem.

Integrate your DAM if the business value from the assets, processes, or workflows in the DAM have diminished.

When considering an upgrade, it is important to evaluate your current DAM capabilities and identify what other systems you need to integrate to meet your business needs.

OneTeg unifies content, entities, and data while providing user-driven processes (or Flows) that allow for simplified integration across platforms.

​Connecting different systems is easy with pre-built OneTeg Connectors. Users can build Flows between systems to drive integration and data exchange quickly.

There are two different types of Connectors that are available with OneTeg: Prime and Core Connectors. 


Prime Connectors connect to marketing, sales, and eCommerce systems including specialized business applications such as DAM, PIM, CMS, and more.

Core Connectors connect your back-office productivity, storage, transformation, and utility Connectors including FTP, Amazon S3, and Google Sheets.

A Prime Connector is a pre-built Connector between two applications. For example, the connection between DAM and PIM systems is a Prime Connector.

A Core Connector connects your back office with any other available Prime Connectors or HTTP.

For example, you can use Google Sheets (Core Connector) to connect with a PIM or DAM (Prime Connector) to load product information and digital assets.

A Productivity Connector usually involves workflow or creative connections. For example, InDesign or Adobe Workfront are considered Productivity Connectors.

A connection is a pre-built authentication to a specific system like DAM or PIM. It is set up once and can be used in different Flows. 

Flows are used to connect content and data between applications to drive integration and data orchestration.

OneTeg comes with standard out-of-the-box Prime Connectors for use cases or Flows typically used in marketing, sales, and eCommerce solutions.

Core Connectors are more specialized in managing productivity, storage, and other business applications.

OneTeg can connect your DAM, PIM, CMS, and many other solutions easily without code. See all of our Connectors here

You don't need any additional tools or solutions to enable the integration process. OneTeg provides all the necessary technology to enable Connectors to work.

Yes, OneTeg supports Webhook. This allows for triggering events between applications. They are easy to configure and can be part of an overall Flow.

You can use HTTP to build your own integration between different applications. HTTP will typically be used when a standard Connector does not exist.

We'd love to add your Connector to OneTeg to help customers integrate quickly and easily.

Please fill out the Connector application form here for review.

To date, we have Connectors that fall into the following categories: Office Productivity, Cognitive Computing/AI, PIM, DAM, Cloud Storage, Secure Transfer, CMS/eCommerce, and Social platforms.

Just identify which category you fall under or indicate a new one. We'll schedule a call to follow up soon.  

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