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3 Ways to Speed Development and Impact Your Business

David Sultan

3 Ways to Speed Development and Impact Your BusinessHow does the speed of development impact your business? Think about how having a realistic development estimate could help you plan better and help better prepare your organization for future growth.How can you avoid potential pitfalls before they impact your organization? Start with challenging the ways in which you manage your business today. Look across the people, process, and technology to see what can be optimized.

Where to start? Think MACH. 

With so many tools, platforms, and options in MarTech today, it is important that you spend time understanding your ability to deliver projects faster and in a more predictable way. Focusing on MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) architecture can help narrow down decisions when choosing technology.Monolithic and on-prem solutions may still work today, however, the future is MACH. It ensures solutions are agile, flexible, and secure, and helps deliver a better customer experience at scale.  According to the Enterprise MACHified Report 2022 study, senior technology decision-makers in the US, UK, and Germany see “MACH technologies as the future of architecture with 79% planning to increase investment over the next 12 months and beyond.”

Speed matters

Selecting a solution that promises to unify your content and data should come with pre-built connectors to the key platform you work with. This saves valuable time and resources and simplifies the process. Solutions should also be infrastructure agnostic. Although MACH is the future, you may not be there yet. This ensures you have options to deploy in the cloud or on-prem and can remain flexible for future growth.

Low-code or no-code

To have a fast time to development, look for solutions that are “no-code or low-code.” It helps streamline development and avoid the extra costs and resources needed when coding is required. Solutions like OneTeg , a no-code iPaaS solution, offer full DAM integration capabilities without the need for code.You don’t need to sacrifice functionality or speed when using a low-code or no-code solution. It’s the power you need to support your organization without the additional pressure of creating code.Leveraging these three tips to speed development will bring agility to your business. They eliminate complex point-to-point integrations which are expensive to build and maintain.  Converting traditional code-heavy IT projects into more agile and connected building blocks is not only a faster path to development but also more effective.Spend more time understanding your business, evaluating performance, and less time coding and re-coding integrations.  This more flexible approach will “open up” or “unlock” your data and content across the organization and allow for a much more unified experience. Leverage the power of automation to deliver more insights and empower your users. This impacts not just the technology you use, but also the processes, and the people to manage it all.Accelerated development time means you can deliver functionality faster and take on more projects in a more efficient way. Fast, agile, and scalable. Increasing the speed of integration means you can deliver more value to your teams, and your end customers. It could be the best thing you can do for your organization and builds a foundation for agile growth. What are you waiting for? To learn more about how to speed development time, visit OneTeg.

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