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How iPaaS Solutions Help Solve Marketers’ Biggest Challenge  


How can an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions help solve marketers’ biggest challenge? Marketers face both strategic and tactical challenges daily. Depending on their industry, role, and vertical, their challenges may differ. However, one challenge is universal; ensuring that disparate technologies across the martech stack can be integrated. And, make sure they are seamlessly integrated to work better together.

Marketing today is not an easy job. There will always be challenges to solve for, as marketing it not “set it and forget it” kind of work. You are never done. Industry and buyer needs change and constantly evolve. To help solve marketers’ modern marketing challenges, focus on the integration of technologies that run your business. This solves more than just technology integration challenges. It addresses data issues, scalability pitfalls, and more.

Marketing teams face several challenges when it comes to data integration and management. An iPaaS solution can help solve these challenges by connecting and integrating solutions across different systems and applications. A no-code iPaaS solution simplifies the process even more, removing the complexity and cost associated of coding. Depending on your use case, there are different iPaaS solutions to consider based on your needs.

What does an iPaaS solution help solve?

Strategic concerns marketing teams face that iPaaS solutions can solve: 

  • Data Management: Marketing teams need to focus on their data and data management. It’s essential to have real-time access to and utilize customer data from various sources to deliver personalized experiences. An iPaaS solution can help with data management by providing the centralized platform for connecting and integrating data from different systems, including CRM, marketing automation, and analytics tools. 
  • Data Accuracy: Data accuracy is crucial for marketing teams to be successful. Incorrect data can impact marketing in a variety of ways including ineffective campaigns and negative customer experiences. The right iPaaS solution helps ensure data accuracy by automating the integration process and providing real-time data updates. 

    Removing the manual processes associated with data accuracy is key. This helps reduce the risk of costly manual errors and aides in scalability.
  • Integration Across the Martech Stack: The number of marketing solutions available today seems to increase by the minute. Content marketers alone use 9-12 solutions daily on average. As a result, the integration of those solutions across the martech stack is critical.
  • Seamless integration helps ensure that their solutions work together to deliver the best customer experiences. An iPaaS solution can help with martech integration by providing pre-built connectors for solutions like Aprimo, Airtable, ChatGPT, and more. This saves time and money in costly integration and development to connect platforms. It also speeds time to value.
  • Scalability: Marketing teams need to think about the scalability of their solutions. Demand gen marketers, content marketers, and others need to ensure that their solutions can scale to meet the growing needs of their organization. Waiting months or even days to deploy new solutions can impact campaign performance, reporting, user experience, and ultimately, revenues.

    Everyone on a marketing team relies on shared data and information. Integrating solutions ensures the access and the flexibility needed to meet the changing needs of a fast-paced marketing organization. 

An iPaaS solution can help marketing teams solve one of their biggest challenges, integration. Not all iPaaS solutions offer the same functionality, although they all do help with integration. iPaaS solutions like OneTeg, are no-code. That means they can be used without coding or costly developers to help implement the solution. This alone has a long list of benefits, but most importantly, it means an iPaaS solution speeds time to value by integrating platforms quickly and easily. 

Help your marketing team solve one of the biggest challenges facing them today, integrating the martech stack. Read more about the value of OneTeg’s iPaaS solution here. 



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