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How to Leverage AI to Build End-to-End Campaigns that Engage Buyers 

David Sultan

How to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to build everything and anything is a hot topic today. It’s been argued that AI is taking over jobs, eliminating the need for writers and developers, ruining school children, and more. AI is an evolving space. Today when you hear the term AI, most marketers think of writing content, speeding the ideation process, and helping us deliver more personalized customer experiences across industries. AI is an element of just about every software solution developed today.  

According to data from the McKinsey report in 2017, the adoption of AI remained low, despite the rate of investment. However, in 2023, it’s obvious that the adoption of AI increasing across industries and use cases are expanding. It’s an exciting space (that will not replace humans) but will help improve processes that typically hold teams back, the first draft.  

Going beyond the first draft, what if marketers could leverage AI like ChatGPT and other platforms to build end-to-end campaigns? We’re talking about the power of AI in different solutions like project management, digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), or imagery applications. It’s possible if you can seamlessly integrate the solutions. What would that look like? More importantly, how would it be used across organizations of all sizes? 

The Core Elements: 

1.Campaign brief and email content with ChatGPT   

We need a campaign brief to get started. Every marketer knows without a solid campaign brief, you can miss the mark on the supporting assets and deliverables. Create a comprehensive brief with ChatGPT to include prompts with appropriate keywords, phrases, relevant quotes or influencers, and a suggested call to action. This campaign will focus on leveraging sustainability and eco-product information to increase buyer conversions.

Then, ask it to create a short promotional email to be used in an introductory email to prospects. Don’t love the results? Edit or revise your prompts. The output from ChatGPT keeps getting better the more details and direction you provide. So spend the time to get the campaign brief and prompts right and ChatGPT will deliver a workable content brief to support your campaign. 

2. Project management  

Every project needs project management, right? They should if you want to be a high-performing organization. In fact, “77% of high performing projects are powered by PM software.” And an AI-driven campaign is no exception. Leveraging a solution like Adobe Workfront makes the multi-step process of building and executing a campaign much easier and faster. Project management solutions also offer KPI metrics in real-time to help inform decision-making and decrease failure rates. 

3.Create images and visual content with AI 

Images are key to engagement for any campaign. With solutions that produce or generate visual content, you can further streamline your visual creation. BRIA AI delivers multiple advanced and patented AI technologies to generate photo-realistic images from scratch. Even better, you can localize and personalize images at scale, and remove redundant objects. 

To support our sustainability campaign, we needed to create several images that showcase sustainability, green initiatives, or eco-friendly materials. We included image requirements and relevant keywords to initiate the image creation process. We reviewed and revised until we had the perfect images for our campaign.  

“The best part of using AI-generated images for campaigns is the increase in productivity, speed, and ease of use,” said Dr. Yair Adato, founder and CEO of BRIA. “Organizations can now create unique and powerful imagery within seconds, enhancing personalization and creativity for better conversions.” 

4.Organize and store digital assets to DAM and/or PIM solution 

Digital asset management and product information management solutions help organize, store, and share media assets like images, videos, product descriptions, SKUs, and more. This helps streamline a brand’s workflow when sharing assets across an organization. DAM and PIM solutions also help track media and content assets across dispersed teams and have become essential in developing scalable digital experiences and content strategies.  

Once the sustainability images are added to the DAM, we add product descriptions and other product information to be used for an end-to-end email campaign. 

5.Connect each core element with iPaaS solution 

Using OneTeg, organizations can connect ChatGPT, Adobe Workfront, BRIA, and any DAM or PIM solution to automatically generate an actual campaign. Once created, the campaign can then be reviewed and approved by a professional marketer before use. It’s possible to use AI to generate the ideas and concepts of a campaign. However, you can take it one step further and actually produce the campaign elements and final content using AI when you have the right solutions in place. 

OneTeg is the no-code iPaaS solution that removes the traditional challenges of integrating software platforms and applications. The solution eliminates costly and time-consuming point-to-point integrations and reliance on development teams. A seamless integration across the tech stack means faster time to market.  

The OneTeg solution enables business users to connect to any application. With over 50 Connectors pre-built and endless opportunities to scale thanks to an open API-model, marketing and campaign creation just got a little easier. Faster and better processes mean delivering a better customer experience.  

See the latest OneTeg Connectors here.



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