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Inriver PIMpoint Recap – The Complete Commerce Experience

David Sultan

Inriver’s PIMpoint event last week in Chicago showcased how their solutions help deliver the complete commerce experience for their customers and partners. It was an exciting event filled with excellent speakers and thought leadership, networking opportunities, an exhibit hall, and insight into the inriver roadmap and vision.  

Circularity, sustainability in commerce, and a new breed of product information management (PIM) were big topics this year at the event. The importance of providing accurate and relevant product information for products is something that has become critical for buyers. Full transparency of source materials, ingredients, as well as the basics like product descriptions, key measurements or weights, images, and more are what buyers are looking for.

And in some cases, require.

This is especially true in manufacturing, retail, and CPG industries. Transparency is important in terms of organic materials, fair trade, sustainable packaging materials, and the carbon footprint for regulated industries or “eco-products.” What started out as a nice to have for eco-conscious buyers is now a differentiator for brands. It is also part of regulatory requirements for certain industries, governments, and categories of products.

You can’t support that without the use of a product information management solution to scale across the digital and physical shelf. And that must happen across the entire product journey for a positive customer experience. Many different solutions and technologies need to be integrated into the PIM solution to make that happen. At minimum, digital asset management (DAM) solutions, translation or localization solutions, visual or 3D photography, syndication, print, and others. As we know, the tech stack is not getting any smaller so scalability is key.

Customer speakers at the event included visionaries like John Fister from New Balance, Mindy Born from J.J. Keller & Associates, Ki Song from MonkeySports, Inc., and more. Gartner’s Helen Grimster kicked off the morning keynote on market trends shaping the future of PIM.

And, no PIMpoint event would be complete without a CEO session. This year’s featured Niels Stenfeldt and a session with co-founder and chief customer ambassador, Johan Boström to inspire the audience.

The exhibit hall included partner and solution providers like Nexer, Optimizely, Ntara, valtech, Aperture Labs, Digizuite, Transperfect, and more. The OneTeg team was there to showcase how to integrate solutions across the entire tech stack with our no-code, integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Up next is PIMpoint Europe which was the first and largest PIM-centric event created. If you missed Chicago, there’s still time to catch a flight to Sweden.

Power your entire product journey with PIM, but integrate all the different technologies with OneTeg. We’re here to help! Read more about the Benefits of an iPaaS Solution for Seamless Integrations here.

*Thank you to Frédéric Sanuy of Activo for the images used here.



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