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Martech Industry Predictions for 2023

Erika Goldwater

Martech industry predictions for 2023 make for great reading and provide insights into where experts see the next opportunities. The technology landscape and buyer needs evolve and change at a rapid pace. As leaders and part of a complex ecosystem, it’s important to stay informed about new trends, technologies, and solutions.We asked two big questions to a few of our favorite industry visionaries; Johan Boström, Ana L'Antigua, and Frédéric Sanuy to kick off the new year. Their responses and insights will get you thinking about your processes and planning.

Question 1: What will have the biggest impact on marketing technology and the industry in 2023?

Johan Boström, co-founder and chief product officer, inriver "2023 will be a year when efficiency and time to market will play a significant role. Thus, there will be an even bigger focus on automation and integration. OneTeg is well positioned for that as it can create integration faster and automate many repetitive, time-consuming, and costly tasks."Ana L'Antigua, head of technology partnerships, Aprimo "The need for an integrated and increasingly automated way of working across your entire MarTech stack, while still allowing for your people to stay in the systems they love. I've been seeing clients trending this way for years - many have made investments into point-to-point connectivity across their tech stack.""They now need a way to connect the entire picture, all while ensuring increased efficiency and time to market. It's aligning different teams to the same core process - creatives, digital marketers, web authors, product teams, etc need a quick way to have their work enrich adjacent teams, but without having to waste precious cycle time in doing so. We will see this becoming an increasingly automated process in '23."Frédéric Sanuy, founder and CEO, Activo  "The core of business today is data due to the growth of e-commerce. Data is at the center of everything to drive process and automation and accelerate business. AI is the tool to help effectively analyze and structure the data. But for most large enterprises, the key is to also find a tool to analyze and distribute the right personalized content at the right time, in the right channel. This is how to facilitate a relevant and effective customer journey from asset creation to distribution.""In the future, to get the best ROI and effective integration for enterprise technology, headless solutions will be the heart of digital commerce."

Question 2: What is one thing teams should stop doing in 2023?

Johan Boström "Stop working in siloes and using Excel to manage data. After all, we are talking about the year 2023, not 1993."Ana L'Antigua "Swivel chair work. It's 2023. If we saw NASA reach unprecedented advancement and snap pictures of the oldest galaxies in the universe this past year, we can stop manually updating data from one system to the next. We are at the point where the infrastructure for connectivity has progressed to the point where manual data transfer should be made obsolete."Frédéric Sanuy "Stop silos please, and think about a core architecture with the best ROI. Start thinking about customer experience first, and then go back to engineering to try to develop what customers need and want. Not the other way around. Stop pushing technology, and start building the best customer experience using a design-thinking approach, not a technology-thinking approach.""My New Year's wish is for smarter AI integration (which is not yet the case today for most vendors) and for organizations to build a sustainability strategy that will help improve processing, storage, and optimization for image services and CDN usage. Smarter technology for a better world."

Final Thoughts

Thank you to our friends at inriver, Aprimo, and Activo for sharing their ideas and predictions for 2023! Here's to growth across the industry, but also continued innovation in the areas of AI, integrations, and of course, customer experience.Missed any of the OneTeg blog posts from 2022? Catch up on them here.



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