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Increase Productivity with Asana and Salesforce


Productivity increases are always a good thing in an organization, but can you accomplish that without integration at scale? Not without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Teams across departments including product, marketing, creative, and others seek alignment around KPIs and work cross-functionally to launch countless projects.

However, there is often a missing piece. That piece is the integration across technologies to enable those productivity increases as well as the work itself. 

Whether you are working in manufacturing, retail, higher education, or another industry, collaboration across teams is essential. Today that often means using a work management platform like Asana to support cross-functional collaboration and enable work flows. 

The beauty of a solution like Asana is that it isn’t just a “marketing” tool. It’s a business solution that helps streamline and optimize work processes to make magic happen. In a time where Gartner reports marketing budgets keep declining (to just 7.7% of overall company revenue in 2024), we need to make every technology investment count as we strive to do more with less.

How can teams do more with less when the pressure to increase productivity is significant?Ensure the integration of existing platforms and solutions to maximize effectiveness. Disparate, siloed solutions can’t work effectively and waste precious time and money.

What should integrations be?

  • Seamless: End-users should not feel a disjointed or disconnected experience
  • Scalable: Integrations should future-proof applications
  • SaaS: Software as a service ensures fast, headless architecture to meet evolving demands

Value of Asana + Salesforce Integration

  • Increased organization: Deliver a more organized CRM for all users
  • Enhanced collaboration: Drive collaboration across departments and teams
  • Better data: Understand real-time sales progress, tasks, and workflows
  • Pipeline visibility: Monitor pipeline and associated tasks for deal clarity/action
  • Revenue optimization: View full revenue lifecycle and dependencies across the sales, support, marketing, and other departments.

How do no-code integration solutions help align Asana and other platforms across the martech landscape?

The importance of integration is clear in your tech stack. Although there are different ways to connect and integrate apps, the best and most effective way is with a no-code integration solution like OneTeg

Eliminating or minimizing manual efforts to build integrations saves time and money. It’s the only way to scale as point-to-point integrations need constant review and maintenance. Teams with complex tech stacks and evolving requirements cannot waste limited resources on the management of integrations. 

What good is a work management platform like Asana if you can’t access its full functionality? It's not worth the risk to find out. 

Make sure you can quickly and easily integrate and maintain integrations. Learn more about the power of OneTeg to help integrate Asana and other critical platforms here. 



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