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Top Reasons You Need an iPaaS Solution

Erika Goldwater

There are so many reasons you need an iPaaS solution. Cloud and software services have evolved into a need for every business today. Modern enterprises use a complex array of cloud applications, on-prem solutions, and everything in between to adapt to the growing digital-first environment. Organizations need to make the technology they have work together to optimize internal processes, and externally to ensure a unified customer experience. However, it’s not always easy.

Hello iPaaS.

What is iPaaS?

Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS is a cloud-based platform. It allows organizations to integrate and manage applications, data, and processes. It's a centralized console with a set of automated tools to help integrate a variety of applications across different environments, in the cloud, or even on-premise. Use cases vary depending on an organization and its needs. It aids product functionality, scalability, automation, synchronization, API-based composition, and structuring of SaaS applications. These all enhance the value of existing applications and optimize efficiency.

So why would you need an iPaaS solution?

Global competition is increasing daily. Businesses of all sizes need efficiency, growth, and the ability to future-proof their organization if they are to survive, let alone, thrive. Delivering excellent customer service across a unified customer experience helps maintain a competitive advantage. The right iPaaS solution helps you achieve this and more.

4 Reasons for an iPaaS Solution

1. Enhanced Connectivity and Synchronization

What good are your applications and business processes if they don’t work together? An iPaaS solution allows you to connect everything including data, applications, software, and processes. This level of integration is critical for small and large businesses alike. It facilitates hybrid data flow, synchronization, better operational workflow, and enhanced visibility. Additionally, this also eliminates the need to manually add or update your systems. Manual processes can be slow, time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Automated updates integrate your applications and systems seamlessly. Some iPaaS solutions, like OneTeg from CyanGate, even go a step further and are no-code. That means you can simply integrate any solution without the need for additional code to deliver faster, easier connectivity and synchronization.

iPaaS solution from OneTeg is the central hub

iPaaS solutions like OneTeg integrate seamlessly across platforms

2. Secure Data Environment and Compliance

Data breaches are a major concern for organizations today, especially as the world becomes more and more omnichannel. Cybersecurity risks and threats include hacking, ransomware, DDoS, and more. An iPaaS solution helps mitigates the risk of your data, apps, and systems becoming compromised in two ways. First, as a centralized platform, iPaaS offers better data visibility than point solutions. This gives a holistic view of data across the enterprise and allows you to automate, track, and control data from a single place.

  • Detect and ward off potential intruders
  • Add verification or authentication easily
  • Check data flow from a central hub
  • Integrate other applications quickly for added layers of security 

In fact, iPaaS solutions also help organizations with compliance by adhering to industry standards and regulations. Meeting evolving compliance and regulatory standards is required of organizations today. The ability to clearly and easily maintain compliance also boosts confidence and trust among your customer, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

3. Cost-Effective Integration Solution

The right iPaaS solution saves you from expensive in-house or outsourced integration work. Point-to-point custom integrations are complex, time-consuming to build, and tricky to maintain. With an iPaaS solution, especially a no-code solution like OneTeg, point-to-point integrations aren’t necessary. There are no additional costs associated with developing or maintaining traditional integrations.

4. Support Business Agility

Lastly, an iPaaS solution lets you expand and adjust your integrations without sacrificing customer experience. Regardless of how complicated your IT environment is or how fast your business grows, iPaaS solutions help you scale. The right solution will be flexible enough to let you focus on what you need today, but still, meet the needs of tomorrow as they evolve. Pre-configured connectors to key platforms like product information management solutions (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), or social media and productivity platforms make adding new solutions possible with just a few clicks.

Not being locked into custom code, hardware upgrades, or paying to try to integrate incompatible systems becomes a thing of the past. An iPaaS solution helps future-proof your tech stack and enable scale.

How OneTeg Can Help

Succeeding in the modern digital-first world is tough. It demands efficiency, delivering a superior customer experience, and maintaining a competitive advantage from the first engagement with a prospect to customer advocacy post-sale. The right iPaaS solution can help achieve this via a unified customer experience.

OneTeg is the no-code content and data exchange solution that helps deliver a fast time to value. It unifies content, entities, and data while providing user-driven flows for simplified integrations. The iPaaS market has grown exponentially in the last few years as organizations seek business agility, faster deployments, and scale. According to a recent IDC survey, 48.6% of enterprise respondents are purchasing a low-code or no-code solution. It's a way to future-proof your organization and meet ever-changing demands in a single platform.

Want to learn more about iPaaS and OneTeg? Schedule a demo here.

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