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CyanGate Introduces Content-Centric Integration Platform To Build Better Customer Experiences

OneTeg simplifies integration between DAM and PIM without code

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Sept., 9, 2022 — CyanGate announced today the launch of OneTeg, a new technology platform to streamline the integration between essential solutions without using code. OneTeg helps simplify integration between Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, Product Information Management systems (PIM), Content Management Systems (CMS), and e-commerce applications using out-of-the-box connectors.

Integrate Content, Data, and Automate Processes

OneTeg is a no-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) content and data exchange solution. It allows for easy integration between systems and can run on the Cloud or On-Prem to solve for the complexities of today’s evolving technology stack. OneTeg unifies content, entities, and data while providing user-driven flows for a simplified integration across platforms. This helps IT professionals and commerce teams deliver relevant content and experiences quickly and easily.

“OneTeg brings agility to your business and eliminates complex point-to-point integrations that are costly and do not scale,” says David Sultan , head of product and innovation, CyanGate. “Organizations need flexibility in their solutions to meet business goals today.”

How OneTeg Works:

OneTeg provides out-of-the-box connectors for marketing, sales, and e-commerce systems including specialized business applications such as DAM, PIM, CMS, and many more. It also includes office productivity connectors for Excel, Google docs, storage, transformation, and other business applications and utility connectors.

OneTeg Benefits:

  • Infrastructure agnostic
  • No-code integration designed for technical and non-technical users
  • Promotes business agility and eliminates complex point-to-point integrations
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need to build and maintain custom code
  • Reduces architecture complexity and empowers quicker decisions
  • Improves estimation process and optimizes resource allocation

“A no-code, integration platform to connect DAM to the entire ecosystem solves several challenges our customers and the market are facing today,” says Bulent Dogan, founder of CyanGate. “Streamlining processes that reduce time to integration is essential for ROI across every organization.”

Experience OneTeg at the DAM New York event at booth 23 or learn more here.

About CyanGate:

CyanGate designs, delivers and supports award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Salesforce Solutions, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an office in Ankara, Turkey. CyanGate specializes in DAM system architecture design, Enterprise DAM implementations, and integrations. We ensure our customers reduce operational costs, return on investment, and improve productivity through our Digital Asset Management Solutions. CyanGate’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries.

Press contact:

Erika Goldwater
+1 617.407.3578

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