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Faster Time to Value with PIM and Your Martech Stack

Erika Goldwater

Marketing technology solutions play a central role in an organization's success today and achieving a fast time to value is essential. How else can teams meet evolving customer needs, product goals, measure sales and marketing success, let alone get everything done without long (and costly) implementation times? It takes best-in-class solutions to enable this and often, a product information management (PIM) solution is where teams start to build.  

Why focus on a PIM?

A product information management solution is a single, central platform to collect, manage, enrich, and publish product information and content across channels. This includes everything from product descriptions, video assets, SKUs, user generated content to sustainability information.  

Product information is used to tell the product story, engage buyers across the physical and digital shelf, and help ensure buyers get accurate product information, at the right time during the buying journey. Manual processes won’t scale, it takes a PIM solution to power this.  

Building your martech stack:

Today’s martech landscape is complex with 9,932 solutions at last count from the 2022 Martech Landscape infographic. How can you build the right tech stack to support your evolving needs? Start with what is needed to tell your product story effectively across channels and build from there.  

Choose solutions that will solve for specific challenges. We’ve shown how integrating solutions can help build end-to-end campaigns using AI and DAM technology. ChatGPT isn’t the only powerful solution with AI-power.

Visuals and images are a huge part of any product story whether you are selling industrial machines or furniture. Buyers want to see what they are purchasing and the more detailed, the better.

The visual advantage:

Take a look at ThreeKit, a 3D product configurator and augmented reality (AR) solution that helps you visualize and sell your products. Rotating 3D images of a piece of machinery so you can see it from all angles or a couch you can place in your living room thanks to AR is what delivers an exceptional buying experience. It helps take your product information to the next level, and that's what will set you apart from the competition.

Organizations can add ThreeKit to their tech stack and see the value. Integrating 3D or AT functionality to your images with your PIM and DAM solution elevates the customer experience across the digital shelf to any channel at scale. 

Where does PIM fit in the tech stack? A PIM and digital asset management solution work in tandem to ensure all product information is accurate, relevant, and optimized for use.

"Modern commerce relies on delivering the best product information to buyers across any channel or platform, and a PIM is the most effective way to do that at scale," said Johan Boström, co-founder and chief product officer, inriver.

"Accurate and relevant product information instills buyer trust, and that's essential to turn browsers in buyers, happy buyers," states Boström.

Integrating it all:

The trick is going to be the integration of the solutions. That’s where an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution like OneTeg comes into play. OneTeg is a no-code integration solution that quickly and easily integrates any platform or solution through out-of-the box Connectors to key platforms like PIM, DAM, and visual solutions like ThreeKit. What good is a solution if it doesn’t integrate with the rest of your business-critical platforms or takes too long to see the value?

Not much at all. 

Want to learn more about the value of adding a product information management solution into your tech stack today? Visit OneTeg at the upcoming PIMpoint event in Chicago, April 27 and see how easy it is to power the entire product journey with PIM, DAM, and more though integrations via OneTeg.  

Build the martech stack you need to scale and still experience a faster time to value. Integration doesn’t need to be a challenge anymore. 



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